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Venchi started life as a chocolatier and it is now also an exceptional gelato producer. So it is no surprise that sitting in the heart of Covent Garden market the queue of customers often snake out of the shop itself. The claims of its natural recipes with no additives are clear to see and taste in all the flavours they sell so fortunately even the baby cup can fit in two flavours in case you have trouble committing to one. Of the three flavours tasted the pistachio offers an organic experience with smooth execution. The famed cuor di cacao is well crafted and delivers that cocoa hit with a good punch.  The more exotic option was the mascarpone and fig option which succeeds in delivering a well known dessert in gelato form. If the chocolates are as good as their gelato, that would be two good reasons to visit.

In one line:
Natural goodness crafted with skill right down to the cup.

Covent Garden – Unit 18 Market building, WC2E 8RB London

We went to the Covent Garden one but see their website or the map below for their other locations

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