About us

Gelato in the City is all about finding the finest gelaterias and ice-cream parlours in the city to intensify your experience. Why did we start such a niche website? Come join us on a little history of our journey…

We are two people brought together by chance in our professional worlds. Over time we realised our commonalities also included ice cream. It was on one of our many trips in London to that gelateria that little bit further away, off the beaten track, away from the madding crowd – that we realised that we would go further for something that we liked a little bit better.

But how were we discriminating one from the other?

Thus began our journey. Our day job in healthcare focuses on the detail. We embarked on a journey of discovery that included a course in Bologna, the world capital for ice cream, at the Carpigiani Gelato University. Here our education of gelato began and continues today with an ever growing appreciation of what makes good gelato. Now we want to share as we learn.

So come with us on this journey, as we share our passion and growing knowledge, to discover what makes gelato what it is today and what our own tastes prefer and why. Whilst doing so we hope to share with you what we believe are some of best gelaterias and ice-cream parlours and what makes their product so special.

For now, we are focusing on gelaterias in our city, London, that we know and love.

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