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Located opposite its popular sister restaurant in the heartlands of soho, an equally italian affair,  lies this tastefully decorated venue ushering you into an authentic gelato wonderland. 

The nonconformist flavours are hidden in the deep display counters but the menu is on the wall. The variety extends onto their display freezers containing ice-cream creations. The characterful but  small seating area at the back offers space which is also their deli display.

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The bitter chocolate sorbet presents itself boldly, taking no prisoners, with a glossy sheen and intensely attractive colour tone. It draws your senses in but holds onto its aroma until the first spoon touches down in the mouth. The spicy and complex notes then unleash slowly but surely. The surprisingly welcome bitterness arrives later and lingers hurrying you to the next spoonful.

Flavour 1 pic
Flavour 2 pic

The next on the menu to catch the eye and recommendation of the server, was ricotta and sour cherries. The gelato had a pleasing soft and silky texture with streaks of real fruit giving the offering a unique character similar to a fresh cheesecake. The acidic cherries cutting through the warm ricotta base imparted a pleasing wholesome sensation.

Flavour 2 pic
Flavour 2 pic

Fresh mint stracciatella is everything that one would want in post-dinner palate cleanser, or for that matter, at any other time as well. The powerfully green hue leaves no doubt to the fresh label and the intense mint aroma entices generous spoonfuls. The welcome dark chocolate pieces interrupting the natural fresh mint explosion – a pleasant and powerful organic experience.

Overall, Gelupo’s unique flavours are bold creations using good quality ingredients served traditionally in  suitably fitting and welcoming atmosphere – we’ll certainly be going back soon.

Gelup update!

Gelupo has been renovated! There is now a more spacious seating section at the rear and a wide selection of edible products to buy. The Gelato is still as good as ever!

On this occasion we tried the cannoli gelato which provides a frozen spin on a classic Italian pastry. It consisted of a silky smooth white base gelato with a bit of colour and texture from chocolate bits, finely chopped pistachio and candied orange peel – it was like tasting the perfect cannoli filling without the shell! It was excellent and one to enjoy in the new seating area!

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Canoli gelato at Gelupo
Canoli gelato at Gelupo

7 Archer St, Soho, London W1D 7AU

020 7287 5555

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