RUBY VIOLET - Long Review

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Along a long and busy commuter thoroughfare through North London lies a colourful and intimate ice-cream parlour, a hidden oasis in plain sight. The quaint pattern tiles of the floor paired with wooden furniture offer a warm welcome.  The server was friendly and keen to help. The display cabinet had a dozen ice-creams and half a dozen sorbets on show. The scoops are served in nostalgic diner style metal cups. While the website reveals a fascinating history of the brand, Ruby Violet now also does sorbet cocktails and speciality puddings. This synergy of elements welcome a varied collection of patrons throughout the day.

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Our first flavour was the playfully named Maxi Moo Moo, their version of a mild ice-cream. It had a clean and consistently glossy sheen. There was a milky aroma which declared itself quietly. In the mouth it melted slowly enough to leave a smooth and even coating. There was a subtle caramel aftertaste. Overall it was a clean base to compliment any flavour.

Flavour 1 pic
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The Belgian chocolate ice-cream looked delightful. It had a bold colour and mild glossiness. A strong cocoa aroma was tinged with nuts and spice. It was moderately sweet but with just enough bitterness to appeal to young and cultured palates alike. The ice-cream embodies a high quality chocolate bar, a challenging feat with an ice-cream. [Teaching Point]. Texture was smooth but surprisingly there were large ice-crystals. Despite this it was an excellent ice-cream.

Flavour 2 pic
Flavour 2 pic

The final flavour was the clear standout from a distance due to its colour and even more so what it contained – beetroot and orange! The bold purple matched the intense Ruby Violet neon logo. It contained white streaks and visibly granular, coarse and clumpy. The beetroot overpowers the orange with an earthy quality. The subtle orange aftertaste skilfully balances the beetroot. It is an acquired taste which grew on us but it may not be for everyone.

Overall, this north London parlour is an asset to its local community and deserves a visit for its unique identity, recipes and products with a personal touch. The kings cross branch brings it that much closer to the rest of the capital.

118 Fortess Road, NW5 2HL, ( and other locations in London – please see the Ruby Violet website)

020 7609 0444

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